Thursday, November 10, 2011

What is personal development?

Becoming a little wiser
personal development

For me, personal development is about becoming a better and wiser person. It's about learning to trust my inner intuition and find the path that will give me deeper levels of fulfilment, happiness and prosperity.

Confidence to face life's challenges

Even after more than fifty years of life experience, I find I am still faced with challenging situations that test my abilities and therefore also my self-confidence.  I am a psychologist by training, and yet there are many instances when I walk away from some situations or some people questioning why I behaved the way that I did, and sometimes regretting some of the things that I said - or failed to say.

As Albert Einstein said, "The more that I learn, the more I realise there remains much still to learn"

Most people are engaged in personal development, but perhaps do not think o label it as such. For me, any time we sit down and quietly reflect upon what we have done in our life, or what we want to do with our life in the future, we may be engaged in personal development.

Some quiet time for reflection

Learning and growing from our life experiences and developing wisdom and insight - this is the essence of personal development. Gaining clarity and a sense of purpose and direction, this is also to me personal development.

And yet too often I find that I need to remind myself to open up my eyes ....... it can be all to easy to slip into ruts and routines, and simply do today what I did yesterday, and repeat tomorrow what I did today ..... learning takes some effort. And some discipline.

And a little faith

And somewhere in all of this, comes the question of faith and Higher Guidance. For me, this can be a delicate topic ..... we all have our different beliefs and this is to be respected.

My own belief is that we do have a higher source of inspiration and guidance available to us, if we would just wake up and listen to it. Certainly, there are times in my life where I feel more attuned to this ....and other imes when I seem to simply lose my way.

But one thing I have learned as part of my personal development journey, is the importance of never losing hope. Without a sense of hope, optimism and purpose, despair can all too readily creep in when things go wrong. Personal development is about moving forward - learning from the past, gaining enjoyment from the present and preparing for a bright future

I warmly invite you to share some of your personal development lessons, experiences and insights. Thank you ........And by the way, a wonderful resource site is Personal Development - with some great video clips on inspiration and self-motivation


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