Saturday, April 7, 2012

Persoanl Development - be the best you can be

personal developmentNo matter the challenges that you may face in your life, there is always one thing that you can choose. ......... And that is how you will respond to these events.

At some point in our life, most of us find that crappy "stuff" will happen that is simply beyond our ability to control and hits us unexpectedly, like a rock on the head - leaving us feeling bruised, dazed and confused for a while. Personal growth and development is about using these experiences to learn as much as we can - and then being determined to move forward from these situations.

In the following short video clip, a young man who was born with no arms or legs, shares his "No worries" philosophy of life. The inspirational message of Nick is that even when faced with the most difficult of circumstances, there can still sometimes be something to be thankful for. It's all a question of our attitude.  I hope that you find inspiration in his story ....

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