Thursday, June 27, 2013

Personal development holds the key to your promotion and career advancement

Are you looking for a promotion - maybe even wanting to become a manager in the not-too-distant future?

Or perhaps you're thinking of starting your own business - but feeling a bit apprehensive about it?

Well, one of the keys to getting ahead in either your career or in your business is how you manage your own personal development. The following video clip makes the point that you need to have a strong inner sense of self-worth as the foundation for your career advancement. In nurturing this sense of self-woth comes the belief that you deserve to be happy and successful. Of course, a healthy dose of self-confidence will help you to avoid being held back by any fear of failure.

To get ahead, you need to be willing to invest in developing new skills. Your existing skills got you to where you are now, but an additional set of skills is likely necessary for you to advance to that next level in your life

See what you think .....

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