Saturday, September 21, 2013

Personal Development - The spirit to persevere

Personal development and perseveranceMost of us at some point in our lives will experience a shattering disappointment that cuts us to the bone.

It might be a failed business venture that leaves us feeling a deep, lingering sense of self-doubt and questioning whether we have any of the types of qualities needed to be successful. There could even perhaps be severe financial losses, and not just the emotional costs, that leave us battling with despair..

Or it could be a failed relationship, leaving us an emotional wreck and wondering whether we will ever meet the right person and whether we will ever be free of the deep sense of loneliness and emptiness that seems so overwhelming at times.

Life presents us with many challenges, and yet these experiences can have within them the seeds of tremendous personal development insights and lessons ....... although we may not necessarily recognise this at the time. It can sometimes take a while before we recover from these "kicked in the guts" phases of our life. Well-intentioned friends or family try to encourage us to persevere ..... but it just doesn't seem that easy to do and part of us is sorely tempted to give it all up.

Well, here is the story of a young man who was born without limbs. He found within himself the spirit to persevere .... His message is simple, you don't have to let life knock you down, you can still find a way to experience joy and fulfilment. I think in this short video clip, his story might help to put some things in perspective - if you're going through a tough time yourself at the moment.

Be prepared to shed a tear or two and I hope you feel inspired to persevere with your own personal development journey. Things can change - so have faith that you can turn your life around ....

And while we're on this theme of inspiration, see what you think of this next video clip.

It reminds us that small acts of kindness can have big ripple effects ....... give a little and you'll be amazed at how others can be inspired to give as well. And then pretty soon, we've ended up making a difference! (push the "skip the ad" button n the clip)

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