Saturday, June 27, 2015

When you look in the mirror, do you like who you see?

At the end of the day, the most important person for you to please - is yourself! It's important that when you look in the mirror, you like the person that's looking back at you.

Who do you want to be?

Every day you make choices about who you want to be and what you want to do in your life ...... You make choices about the relationships you want to cultivate and build - as well as sometimes choices about the relationships you need to end, because they have become too toxic and destructive..

There are people who really care for you ....

You will probably have people around you that will sometimes try to influence the choices you make. Some of those people care deeply for you .... They offer advice and sometimes might tell you what they think you should be doing in your life. In their own way, they are trying to help you, maybe even protect you.

There may be people who pretend to care for you - but it's more about manipulation

You may have some people in your life who try to influence you - and their motives are not always necessarily so pure. These may be people who are trying to control you for their own purposes - in other words, it's more about what's good for them than what's good for you. Those people are trying to take advantage of you and possibly can be quite devious in the way they may seek to manipulate you. They may pretend to care - but they are selfish and just thinking about what's best for their own self-interest. Sometimes, they will even try to isolate you from your other friends, so as to make you more vulnerable and susceptible to their influence (this was a known tactic used by cults in the past)

If you've got these types of negative people in your life who are trying to control you for their own purposes, then maybe it's time to prune those relationships. Maybe it's time you moved on from them to discover and create a brighter future for yourself ......

Spend more time with people that inspire you and bring the best out in you

As you journey down the path of personal development and self-improvement, try to surround yourself with positive, caring people. With people who bring out the best in you - they encourage and support you to be happy. Actively seek to build relationships with people that you can learn from; with people that you can share good times and good memories.

When you're around people who you respect - and when those people share the same respect for you - then you will find that these relationships help you to become a better person and to fulfil your potential.

But it's still up to you - who do you want to be? ....... Start becoming that person today - a person you can be proud of. A person who has found peace and happiness within themselves - and who in turn becomes a positive example that inspires others.

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