Developing Assertiveness

assertivenessFor some people, personal development is about learning to become more assertive, so as to take more control of their life

The following short video clip explores the nature of assertiveness - and in particular the type of thinking that is necessary for becoming more assertive.

It is the "wiring" in our heads, the beliefs that we have, which drive our behaviour. It is a bit like the way software runs a computer ...... So before we can change our behaviour, we usually need to gain an awareness of the beliefs and thoughts that also need to be modified. Anyway, check it for yourself ......

Assertiveness e-workbook

If you're looking for something to help inspire and guide you in developing greater assertiveness in your life, then consider our e-workbook. It's a resource full of ideas and tips about becoming more assertive and taking control  of your life. Here's a short video clip that explains more .....

developing assertiveness

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